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Track what you do, who you do, and how you feel... privately.

Privacy Seriously Matters.

  • No accounts or email
  • No Google Analytics
  • No User Tracking
  • You own your data.

We too easily hand over our personal data when using apps to track our lives. But read the privacy policies and you'll learn; while your data might be "safe" now, when that company/product gets bought - so does your data. (Looking at you Fitbit and Google 😡).

This whole time, it's been our data that gives these companies their value. We need to take that value back, and Nomie can help.

Happy Data and myself want absolutely nothing to do with your personal data. Which is why I built Nomie differently. There are no central servers, there's no Nomie account. Instead, your data is either stored locally on your device (make sure to backup), or encrypted in your Blockstack Storage which only you control.

If you have any questions send them here