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Nomie 6 Public Beta

Daily Journal for Short Attention Spans

👋 Hello, my name is Brandon, I have ADHD, and created Nomie so I could journal - even though I despise daily journaling.

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Mastering the chaos.

Journaling is a fantastic way to better manage your emotional and mental health by helping you identify patterns and triggers, and to form a better understanding of how you tick.

You master what you measure; Nomie makes it ridiculously quick and easy.

Track fast in nomie

Tap to Journal

Compose journal entries with the tap of a button. Tap, track, then move on with your day. You can always write long format too!

Nomie Tracker Builder

Custom Trackers

Build your own custom trackers to quickly compose data-rich journal entries.

nomie 6 Goals


Easily monitor the things you should (or shouldn't) be doing.

Nomie 6 Stats


When the time comes to reflect, Nomie will provide you with historical trends, relationships, and insights to help you better understand how you work.

nomie 6 plugins


Extend Nomie's core features with custom plugins. Learn more about Nomie's Plugin Development.

Living Dashboards 🌱

Real-time dashboards to help you stay on top of what's really happening in your life.

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Pricing, still free

...and still private.

Nomie exists because I need it for my overall well-being, and I believe that everyone, regardless of financial status, should have free access to Nomie's core features.

To ensure Nomie's long-term viability and financial stability, the company will charge a monthly subscription fee for additional features such as the Nomie API and access to an unlimited number of plugins.

  • Unlimited Trackers & People FREE
  • Unlimited Dashboards FREE
  • Unlimited Entires FREE
  • Unlimited Goals FREE
  • Unlimited Plugins
  • Nomie API

Your Journal Data is 100% private. We want nothing to do with it!

Read privacy policies and you'll find the "acquisition clause". Which allows your data can be transfered to the purchasing company. That simply cannot happen with Nomie, as we will never store you data in a readable format. This is also why Nomie will never be attractive to data hungry businesses. You have control over where your data is stored with Nomie. On device storage, or your own self-hosted CouchDB server.

🔐 Nomie Connect Encryption

Nomie creates a new public/private key when you sign up for Nomie Connect, which is used for encrypting API calls.

A "backup key" is stored in your account in an encrypted form, using a master key produced by the Users Secret Phrase, to allow users to sign in and retrieve their keys from any device. You can also choose not to back up your keys and handle them yourself. This "zero-knowledge" system assures that no one, including our super admins, has access to the data or keys of our users.

Install to Homescreen

For the best experience, install Nomie on your home screen.

  1. Open in Mobile Safari
  2. Tap the share icon
  3. Scroll to and select "Add to Homescreen"

Nomie is a Progressive Web App

How to Install

  1. Open in Mobile Safari
  2. Tap the share icon
  3. Scroll to and select "Add to Homescreen"