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The Last Goodbye (to Native Nomie in Google Play and Android)

Nomie, the center of my life for the last 5 years, has helped over 100,000 people track and understand any part of their life. Unfortunately, I was not able to make Nomie into a viable and sustainable business, and will be sun-setting the app (for good this time) starting March 2019.

Update - Jul 2019

I figured out that my issue was with constantly dealing with the AppStore and Google Play - specifically OS updates that would break Nomie... I've now ported Native nomie into a web based solution.

What will happen:

March 1st 2019: Nomie will be hidden from the app stores. (It will remain on your phone, in your "purchased" items, and will still run for the foreseeable future.)

March 1st 2019: Nomie 2 API will no longer accept new accounts

November 1st 2019: Nomie 2 API will no longer respond to requests

Here's the podcast