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Why is Nomie no longer available in the AppStore or Google Play?

I put up with Google and Apple's app store dictatorships for 5 years. Their inconsistent yet constantly changing rules and weird business practices wore me out, and I threw in the towel. I pulled both Nomie 2 and 3 from their respective app stores, and completely walked away from Nomie. A month later, I started building a version that could run anywhere without the need for an "App Store".

Nomie 4

Freeing the elephant

Nomie is now even more free, and more transparent than ever - you can still run Nomie like an app (especially on newer androids) but now it runs as a Progressive Web App (PWA) - meaning, you just goto and use it.

If you're on iOS, make sure to hit the share button and select "Add to Home Screen" this will install the PWA like an app.

For Android, you should be prompted to install it when you first visit. The same goes for Windows and Chrome on the desktop.

Nomie 4 is also open source under the MIT license

App Store Removal Timeline

March 1st 2019: Nomie will be hidden from the app stores. (It will remain on your phone, in your "purchased" items, and will still run for the foreseeable future.)

March 1st 2019: Nomie 2 API will no longer accept new accounts

November 1st 2019: Nomie 2 API will no longer respond to requests