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Latin-based / Anxiety / Groups

We'll talk about dealing with non-latin languages, how groups are making a comeback, and my newly found anxiety.

What's included in Nomie 3.0.10

Board Filters (aka Groups / Boards)

Board Filters in Nomie 3

Base Language Support (UK only for now)

Base language support in Nomie 3

Other Additions

  • Removed Chat (for now)
  • Added a daily score tally - will be expanded in the next release


  • Non-Latin Characters allowed as a tracker tag
  • Dark theme fixes - this will be never ending
  • Scores now tracked when based on dynamically positivity
  • Tracker Editor UI improvements
  • Custom Score no longer sticky
  • Calendar Import Fixes - now on a schedule
  • More UI cleanup



Helping Test

If you'd like to get on the iOS testing team - visit: Nomie Beta Signup