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Nomie 3.0.12 TestFlight release & podcast for May 20th 2018

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In the podcast I cover the updates and talk answer r/nomie user questions:

  • What have been the biggest obstacles or stumbling blocks in putting Nomie together?
  • What have been the biggest breakthroughs and a-ha moments in the process?
  • Who have been your inspirations or sources of encouragement and support through all this?
  • Is there anything you've wanted to implement into Nomie, that hasn't been feasible with the way it's been written so far?

Updates in 3.0.12

  • Swiping between boards - you can now swipe left and right to navigate your tracker boards.
  • Manual Time Entry for Timer Trackers - kinda silly it took this long.
  • Goal attainment notifications - get a little eye candy when you hit your goals.
  • Goal Status now visible on Tracker Button - quickly see where you're at with your goals
  • Timer Tracker Button Redesigned - it's purdy
  • Notification bar for general notifications
  • Redesign Stats w/ a better card view
  • Inclusion of bar charts
  • Score now calculated like Nomie 1 and 2.
  • Additional multi-language support
  • Redesigned Event Detail view

Other Stuff

  • iPhone 5S UI bug fixes
  • Clearing of a location is clearer now
  • Input module now defaults to "auto save", the plus now adds it to the note.
  • UI Cleanup
  • Search UI bug fixes
  • Speed Improvements for Map Views


Helping Test

If you'd like to get on the iOS testing team - visit: Nomie Beta Signup