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Nomie 3.0.13 Beta is now out

Note: I am no longer accepting new beta testers, as I hope to have the public release ready in the next month.

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I've implemented reminders in multiple forms in Nomie 1, Nomie 2, Nomie 3 (with calendars), and now Nomie 3 standalone. Up until now, my reminder solutions were never very helpful besides alerting you, and controlling when reminders happened was limited.

In Nomie 3.0.13 controlling reminder timing is STILL LIMITED - but only for this release. Due to a bug, I had to disable the custom time setting for reminders. In this version you can only set a reminder daily at a specific time, or every X days at a specific time.

What Nomie 3.0.13 does bring to the party, is the ability to track specific trackers (in sequence) with a tap of the notification.

For example: "Wake up #sleepquality #mood #energy" will automatically bring up my sleepquality input, then my mood, then my energy - I can skip any of them too.

Reminders in Nomie 3.0.13

Here's what else changed

  • First and Last Time statcards
  • hashtag button shortcut
  • Compare statcard now remembers compared trackers

Fixes / Upgrades

  • Timer correctly shows time when returning from the background
  • Background Notifications
  • Better keyboard layout for posting
  • Event Search UX improvements
  • Board Menu no longer scrolls unless it needs to
  • Stat chart labels now update when changing date.
  • Stream refresh on correct date
  • Day resets after 12am - clearing tracker buttons etc
  • Automatic calendar import now triggers "today change" if a new event was added today.
  • Statcard selector bug