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Life Tracking with Nomie 3.0.4

This week I'm rolling out Nomie 3.0.4 to Testflight for iOS. My goal is to finish all core features on iOS. After which, I'll move my attention to the Android build.

If you'd like to get on the iOS testing team - visit: Nomie Beta Signup

Here's what's new in 3.0.4

  • Added Initial Tracker Library
  • Added Initial Reminders functionality
  • Added monthly view to "Stream" tab
  • Added Time of Day, Day of Week external cards
  • Added 3m view option to stats
  • Added dates to time chart
  • Made all Stat Cards configurable
  • Dark Theme Improvements


Where all your primary trackers are stored.

Nomie Life Tracker Board

Library Browsing

A basic way to install trackers from the public library.

Nomie's Life Tracking Public Library

Stats View

Each "Stat Card" is now able to be turned off and on.

Sleep Tracking Stats by Nomie

New Time of Day - and Day of week stat cards.

Time of Day life tracking Enabling various stat views in nomie

Stream View improvements

Streak view

Nomie behavior tracking streak view