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3.0.8 - Rebuilding Nomie's storage engine

If you'd like to get on the iOS testing team - visit: Nomie Beta Signup

A few weeks back I discovered that Apple will disable Calendar syncing for any events beyond a month - if the user has a Google calendar installed. This basically breaks my Calendar Storage model and required me to go back to the drawing board. The end result after trying a handful of storage solutions is that Nomie 3 now stores all even data in SQLite.

Import / Export

We now have a fully working Import and Export system. You can currently only select files from your iCloud drive - but it works with Nomie 3 backup bundles, as well as Nomie 2 and Nomie 1 backup files.

Tracker Sharing!

Share trackers with friends via QR Codes.

Tracker sharing

Press the "Add" button on your Nomie Board, select "Scan Code" - scan the the code above.

Logs now show events sequentially, instead of month to month

Now that the calendar storage is gone, we can simply list the last 100 logs, instead of viewing them month by month (which was a HORRIBLE experience)


You can now lock Nomie using TouchID or FaceID

Daily Scorecard

A mini local blockchain ledger that calculates your daily score. You can see if working in Settings / Inspect Files / qfs / scorecard.

Calendar Importing

Calendars are now used for importing events into Nomie, much like the API does for Nomie 2. Previous Nomie 3 users will need to use this feature (settings / import data / from calendar) to migrate their data over to the new storage system.

It's much faster

Importing my 4 years of data in Nomie 2 would take 8 minutes easily. In Nomie 3, it's less than 20 seconds.

File Browser

I think it's important for people to understand what data is being stored and where. Accordingly, I've created a "inspect file" browser available in the Settings area so you can see exactly the data Nomie is storing.

File Browser Nomie

The UI

Goals Improvements


Sleep Goals

Poop tracking

Expanded Map