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It's been around a month since I released Nomie 3 on iOS. Feedback has been really great, and the downloads are are happening. All in all, I'm happy with the progress of Nomie 3.

In this release, I fixed a handful of annoying little bugs.


  • Emoji now properly changes if you change the default
  • Rounding inconsistencies made consistent
  • Fixed Reminders stopping after a week
  • 2 Character tags now supported
  • Fixed missing 7p on reminder creator
  • Fixed bar chart label alignment

Bar Chart Alignment - Nomie 3 - Quantified Self Tracking


Nomie3 Timer Display

  • Timer display better fitted
  • Added description to stats panel
  • Note Tracking now will add # where you're cursor is focused, instead of just the end of the note.

To learn more about Nomie check out the faq