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I rebuilt the site... again 🙃

If you don't know me, I try to kill as many birds as possible while working. Over the last few weeks I've been exploring a newer technology called Gatsby for work, and while I like playing with new tech, I've always found it more beneficial to build something I truly needed. Just so happens I needed a single web platform for Nomie.

Nomie 3 new Website Sept 2018

Nomie website / blog back story.

Over the last 4 years, I've created a bunch of various properties for Nomie. In the beginning, I had a simple HTML page for the Nomie website, then I setup a Ghost powered blog for all of the other content management. (Unfortunately, server ops / maintenance is not something I'm very passionate about, and Ghost's node processes would constantly die on me.)

Along with the blog, and S3 serving up a single HTML file, I had which is powered by GitBook, and a handful of other domains hosting more content. As I stepped back, I realized that this is a god damn mess, and someone needs to clean it up. As I looked around the office for my employees, I realize - oh, it's going to be me.

Nomie Web Platform goals

My goals for my new nomie web platform were as follows:

  1. Hosting on S3 or a simple hosting services - it needs to be simple and persistent
  2. Super SEO friendly
  3. Serverless - using AWS for any server-esq functionality
  4. Javascript based - I like javascript, so I wanted to keep it to react, vue, or angular

A few weeks back a friend introduced Gatsby to me, it's a static site generator written in React... For the non-technical, that means it lets you build really fast, really seo friendly sites, using all of the modern web technology us webdev nerds love. After my initial prototyping, I was convinced - this is the way forward for me.

I've since built multiple little prototypes with Gatsby, and decided this weekend to finally get out of the theoretical, and build something real.

Enter Gatsby

Gatsby Static Sites

Gatsby is truly the best of all my requirements. Single framework (React), Pull content from anywhere (GraphQL), SEO friendly - since it's generates all of the HTML during the build process. Damn it's cool.

You can use Wordpress as a headless CMS, and pull post and page content into Gatsby. Then when Gatsby generates the site next, the content will be pulled from Wordpress and pushed into the static html files.

48 hour project

Everything you see in the site as of today (Spet 23 2018 - homepage, blog, podcast, q&a, mobile views) were created in the last 48 hours.

Where it's going

With Gatsby at it's core, I'll be expanding the experience to include Tracker discovery and installation, and eventually login / auth for my corporate partners.

Thanks to the Gatsby Community for all of their hardwork - it's truly an amazing system.

Brandon Corbin