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It's looking better and better.

Nomie Android users have never been ones to hold their tongues - It's why I love them so much. Honestly, it's their continual breathing down my neck that keeps me pushing away at Nomie 3 for their beloved OS.

Nomie 3 for Android - alpha

My goal is to have Nomie running smoothly enough on Android that I can switch to my Essential phone as my daily driver by middle of Oct 2018. This way I'll really be able to put Nomie through the paces (pases? passes? pauches?)

What's working as of Sept 24 2018

Feature Status
Launching Working
Tracker Boards Working
Swiping between boards Working
Board Creation Working
Tracker Buttons Working
Saving Records Working
Timeline Working
Goals Working
Stat Views Kinda
Tracker Editor Not working
Reminders Not working
Dark Theme Kinda working
Location Lookup Not working
Biometic locking Working
Importing via QR Code Not working
Upgrades Not working
Auto Import from Calendar Not working
Data Export Kinda working
Data Import Unknown
Webhooks Unknown
Maps Not working