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Let's make Nomie last forever...

When we last spoke during my I quit Nomie podcast, I hadn't fully realized exactly what I needed to quit. So like with most things, I just jumped in and hoped I'd figure it out. I'm happy to report I have, in fact, figured it out.

Once I announced I was killing Nomie, the weight of the world felt like it was lifted from my shoulders - it was really great... But then, I kept hearing from my friends who are users, and seeing my own family continue to use Nomie... I myself even continue to use it. Son of a bitch.

Nomie was created with ReactNative so it can run on both Android and iOS. While the tech is great for building apps fast, it also means that each time a new version of Android or iOS is rolled out, it could potentially break the app, and thus access to the data. If I didn't have to worry about the native apps, and found a way to safely store user data in the cloud - then Nomie could run as a single page webapp, and run virtually anywhere.

Another iOS Update

Then Apple had their iOS 13 announcement, and I was flush with the panic. What happens if this update breaks Nomie and screws all these people I love from their data? I installed the beta on my devices, and once again relaxed once Nomie popped up without any problems.

But that left a little sting in the back of my brain - an annoyance that will continue to return each time Apple or Google does a massive update.

Screw it, let's release it as open source...

The following week I get another email, or tweet or PM asking, once again, if I’m going to open source Nomie... This poured some more fuel on that fire in the back of my brain.

Uncoincidentally, a few months back, I was playing around with a newish framework/compiler called SvelteJS.. When kicking the tires with new a tech, I usually build something I know, so I threw together a Nomie Tracker button. It worked, it was good, and I closed the project and moved-on.

Fast forward about a month ago and the open source question was now burning in my brain. I decided, if I could grab parts from Nomie 1, 2, and 3 - port it to Svelte, and have a usable thing in a couple weeks - then I’ll open source it.  After week three, I was using it as my daily driver.  Now it’s week four, and the source code is out on Github, and anyone can use it buy going to

What's it look like

Open Nomie on Desktop

Open Nomie Stats

Open Nomie Sleep Stats

Data Storage by Blockstack

Since this version runs in the browser, it's using Blockstack for auth and storage. Blockstack is all about decentralized apps, and giving users full control over their data and keeps everything (trackers, boards, every single log) encrypted, only to be decrypted with your blockstack profile.