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Want to start tracking data a head of the Nomie 3 release? Sweet - thanks to the fact that Nomie stores data in a calendar on your device - we can now do just that!

Wha!? Yes! You heard me right - Nomie doesn't actually store your data in the Nomie app, but instead reads data from your calendar and analyzes it accordingly.

Manually tracking without the app

  1. Create a new calendar - this can be local, an iCloud calendar or a Google calendar called Nomie.
  2. Create a new event!

    1. Set the title of the event to #nomie
    2. Set a start and end time - as Nomie ignores all-day events.
    3. In the notes field, add your notes including Nomie 3 hashtags. For example: Today I drank #water(32oz) and a #mood(5)
    4. Save the event, and go on with your day.

Nomie 3 in your calendar

I'm targeted a end of the month beta test for iOS users, with android following shortly there after.