Nomie 3 FAQ

Is Nomie really private?

YES! Your data is on your phone only. No accounts, no clouds, your personal information is only on your device. Nomie DOESN'T EVEN include analytic tools like Google Analytics or Mix Panel.

How do I edit a tracker?

Long press on the tracker button. Select "Edit Tracker"

What's a Board?

When you first open Nomie 3, you only have 1 board to hold your trackers. This is called the "All" board. If you upgrade to Unlimited trackers, you'll be able to create new boards to help organize your trackers. For example, you might have a board called "Morning" with a Coffee Tracker, Sleep Quality Tracker and a Mood Tracker. While on your Fitness board you would only include your fitness related trackers.

How do I sort my trackers?

You cannot sort the "All" board, which is the default board. If you want to sort trackers, you need to upgrade to the Unlimited Trackers, and add a new board. Custom boards can be sorted by tapping the "Sort" button at the bottom of the board.

How do I get one-tap tracking like in Nomie 1 and 2?

Long press the tracker and select "Edit Tracker". Enable the "One Tap Record" option.

Can I import Nomie 2 data?

Yes! Make sure you export your Nomie 2 data to Dropbox. Find the backup file within Dropbox, and move (or copy it) to iCloud Files. In Nomie 3, tap the Settings tab, and select "Import Data". Select from Files and pick the Dropbox backup that you moved to iCloud.

Can I share my Nomie trackers?

Yes! Nomie 3 supports the sharing of trackers by scanning a code. Long press the tracker button you want to share. Select "Share" from the popup. On your friends phone, launch Nomie and hit the "+ Add" tracker button. Select "From Code", scan code.

Can I auto import other data into Nomie 3 like Nomie 2's API?

Yes, using Nomie's Calendar Import feature. To enable this feature, go to Settings > Auto import from Calendar.

Once enabled, Nomie will occasionally check the last few days of your calendar for any events that have #nomie in the title. To add tracker data, use the hashtag format #trackertag(value) - for example: #mood(6)

Can I use Nomie on my Watch?

Not directly, you can use Nomie's calendar import and the great iOS app Workflow to get close.

  1. Tap the Settings tab
  2. Select Import Data
  3. Select Import from Calendar
  4. Enable "Auto Import from Calendar"
  5. Launch Workflow and create a new workflow that generates a Calendar Event.

    1. Make sure the title of the event has #nomie in it.
    2. In the event Notes you can put any content and Nomie will track it. For example: #mood(4)

How does Nomie (Happy Data) make money?

Well truthfully, it doesn't make all that much. Fortunately, I have a great job that covers the bills, and since Nomie is offline it doesn't cost much to maintain. That being said, 4 years of my life has been invested in Nomie and it's time to start bringing in a little beer money. Accordingly Nomie 3 introduces InApp Purchases for the number of trackers and goals you have.

Why is Nomie an Elephant?

For multiple reasons.

  1. Elephants Don't Forget
  2. Jonathan Haidt's Elephant and the Rider metaphor
  3. [Cage the Elephant]

Who created Nomie?

Me Brandon Corbin. I created Nomie back in June 2014, I am still the lone designer, developer and product manager.

Can I track without upgrading to unlimited trackers?

Yes! While you won't have a button, you can track data by adding to the note field ("What's up"). Track data using the hashtag syntax, for example: Today was a good day, #mood(5) #water(44), once it's tracked you can access stats by visiting your timeline and long pressing on the tracked value.