Learn how you tick

It's like MyFitnessPal, but for anything in your life. Over 100,000+ people have used Nomie to privately track, monitor and analyze highly personal data about their lives... Everything from drug and alcohol use, mood and behavior monitoring, to fitness and even sex tracking.

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Nomie's Board filled with different life trackers

Privately track your life with a tap of button...

Seriously, you can just tap a button - custom tracking doesn't get much easier.

Visualize your Behaviors

Compare trackers to discover new patterns and relationships in how you work.

Chart comparing two different mood and drinking water over the last 30 days
Displaying various reminders to help users remember to act and track

Stay Engaged with Custom Reminders.

Create your own custom reminders to help you track more consistently.

100% Private and Offline

Your data is stored on your device only. Nomie doesn't require an account, nor does it store data in the cloud.

Goals to keep you Motivated

Set daily or weekly goals to keep your self motivated and moving forward.

Goals within Nomie help you keep things on a positive path

Nomie 3 is FREE
for up-to 6 trackers and 3 goals.

Unlimited Trackers InApp Purchase

Unlimited Goals InApp Purchase

Webhooks InApp Purchase

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