The Last Goodbye.

Nomie, the center of my life for the last 5 years, has helped over 100,000 people track and understand any part of their life. Unfortunately, I was not able to make Nomie into a viable and sustainable business, and will be sun-setting the app (for good this time) starting March 2019.

What will happen:

  • March 1st 2019: Nomie will be hidden from the app stores. (It will remain on your phone, in your "purchased" items, and will still run for the foreseeable future.)
  • March 1st 2019: Nomie 2 API will no longer accept new accounts
  • November 1st 2019: Nomie 2 API will no longer respond to requests

More Details:

  • The Last Nomie Podcast talks about where things went wrong.
  • If you're interested in licensing Nomie 2 or Nomie 3  contact me.
  • If you've installed Nomie in the past, it will continue to be available in on your phone, and for download in the app stores. The app SHOULD run as long as things are still supported by Android and iOS. Listen to the postcast for more infromation.

I'd like to thank everyone for going on this journey with me.

All my love, Brandon