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Nomie 5.4 Features

Improved Search - you can now search using AND and OR. For example "@mom OR @dad" or "@mom AND dinner".

Saved Search Terms - search is it's own dedicated view, that starts off with a list of your previous searches

Offline Save Queue: If you use Blockstack, and you’re internet drops, logs will now be saved to an offline queue, that you can sync to Blockstack when you come back online.

Faster Date/Time changing: Tap the ••• more ball, and quickly change the day using arrows, tap the hour, or minutes to change

Better Tab Design: Both trackers and dashboards now use the same design pattern

On Ctrl+Enter: On enter+command or enter+ctrl will now save the note.

Dashboard Improvements

  • Line Chart Widget

  • Quickly change widget sizes

  • Map Widget

  • Min-Max Widget

  • Duplicate / Move widgets to different tab

Better Positivity Selector

Location Saving: Have an unnamed location? Now you can hit Save..., and give it a name.

Other Improvements

  • Better handling of local time and date formatting

  • UI Ripples

  • Consistent Dashboard / Tracker Board UI

  • Board swiping

  • Pick a Theme Accent Color

  • Settings UI improvements

  • History design updates, better header work, better memories view

  • Lots of Typescript migration

  • Better Module/Util testing using Jest

  • Disable backup reminder

  • Better Dark Theme

Try it out yourself!