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Creating a custom Trackable

How to create custom trackable in Nomie 6

Creating a Tracker

The Tracker is used to keep track of and monitor the values of the things you do in your life. This document covers the flow of creating a Tracker trackable, but creating a Person or Context is very similar, just with fewer options.

Step 1. Open the Tracker Editor

From the Track Tab, select the Action Menu button in the upper-right portion of the screen screen, and select “Add New #Tracker”

Step 2. Set your Label and Tag

As you type the label of this tracker, Nomie will automatically generate the trackers hashtag. This hashtag is what you will use when composing Nomie Data Note’s, or when you tap this trackers button.

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Step 3. Pick your Avatar and Color

Click the Emoji to open up the Emoji, Color, Avatar Editor.

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Tip: Want to use multiple emojis? Tap the big one to open up a prompt where you can manually type in Emojis and regular characters.

Step 4. Pick the Input Type

Tracker Types let you collect data in a variety of ways. There should be a tracker type to assist you depending on what you want to track.

Tally Tracker

The Tally Tracker is useful for keeping track of one-time activities. The tally has no additional inputs, and the default value is 1. By expanding the advanced options, you can specify your own default value.

Good for: #poop, #peed, #dinner, #showered

Value Tracker

The Value tracker will ask you to input a value by typing it into a number pad.

Good for: #walked(4.6), #temp(45)

Range Tracker

The range tracker will ask you to input a value between the ranges that you set.

Good for: #mood(5), #stress(7), #focus(3), #showered

Timer Tracker

Tap to start, tap to stop. Once a timer is stopped, you can save it.

Good for: #sleep(06:05:00) #meditated(00:10)

Pick List Tracker

Make a list of trackers, people, context, or plan text and choose which ones to include in your note.

Good for: shopping lists, meal tracking, mass people tracking

Combo Tracker

Combine multiple trackables into a single input, allowing you to track multiple things at the same time.

Good for: check ups including all mood related trackers

📻 Type Options

Each type as their own options. Here’s a break down of the common options.

Measure By (UOM)

You can specify the unit of measurement for each tracker in Nomie. By default, it's a simple count, but you can change the volume, distance, health, and other parameters.

Calculate Total

How would you like Nomie to calculate the totals for this tracker? By SUM or by AVG? Sleep, for example, should be SUMMED, whereas mood should be AVERAGED.

🧬 Advanced Options

Save on Tap

Automatically add this tracker to the note field with the default values, and save it. Great for super quick tracking.

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Default Value

Set a default value for a tally, value or range tracker. This will be used as the starting point.


Positivity allows you to specify if a Tracker is a good or bad thing in your life. Sometimes though, certain things might be positive, until you do them too many times. In those cases you want to setup custom positivity.

Also Include

Also Include is a fantastic little feature that allows you to include other trackers every time you use this tracker. Assume you have a #beer tracker and want to record the amount of alcohol consumed each time. Also assuming the beer has a 6% alcohol content, we could add the following. #alcohol({value}*0.06) in the Also Include field. Now when we track Beer we will have #beer(12) #alcohol(12*0.06)

Mind, Body, Spirit

This is an completely new categorization in Nomie 6 that lets us define if this tracker impacts our mind, body or spirit, or some combination.


Install to Homescreen

For the best experience, install Nomie on your home screen.

  1. Open in Mobile Safari
  2. Tap the share icon
  3. Scroll to and select "Add to Homescreen"

Nomie is a Progressive Web App

How to Install

  1. Open in Mobile Safari
  2. Tap the share icon
  3. Scroll to and select "Add to Homescreen"