What's different between Nomie 2 and Nomie 3?

What's different between Nomie 2 and Nomie 3?

v3 is Outdated

What's different between Nomie 2 and Nomie 3?

The more things change, the more they stay the same...


Tracker IconsA lot of iconsDevice's Emoji's or text
TrackingSingle tracker per recorded eventMultiple trackers per record
PriceFree + APIFree + In-App Purchases
LimitsUnlimited6 trackers for free, unlimited trackers with one-time in-app purchase
One-Tap TrackingYesOptional
Fast TappingYesNo, Nomie 3 doesn't handle fast tapping of one-tap tracker buttons very well yet
Auto importing dataYes, with paid APIYes, with Nomie Calendar Import

Overall Nomie 3 unifies a bunch of the various ideas that accumulated over the years into single design patterns.

Will 2 data migrate to 3?

Yes! You can import a Nomie 1 or Nomie 2 dropbox backup into Nomie 3.


Nomie 3 is a complete rewrite. Rebuilt using React Native opposed to https://ionicframework.com/. This results in an overall faster UX experience, and native components. Native components are important, as in Nomie 2 I absolutely abused CSS to get it to look like iOS or Material Design. This also opens up the potential for more animations and fluid UI changes without the overhead of HTML/JS/CSS.

My initial new take on Nomie 3 was a failure...

When I started working on "Nomie 3" it wasn't actually called Nomie 3. Instead I called it Nomie Notes, as I saw it as a completely new product that focused on writing/analying data from journal entries. In fact, the first versions didn't even have tracker buttons - yep, I killed them initially. Instead you'd type out your note and hashtag the data you wanted to monitor. For example: Good day today! #ran(3.4miles) and drank #water(43oz).

I really wanted to move away from tracker buttons, I really did, but after a little use it was clear typing data points SUCKS. I then start thinking that it'd be nice to have a quick way to add "#water(34)" to my note... DAMN IT... I added the buttons back. But this time, I left the concept of the note, and too this day each record saved in Nomie 3 is actually stored in the database as a note of hash tags.

Install to Homescreen

For the best experience, install Nomie on your home screen.

  1. Open v5.nomie.app in Mobile Safari
  2. Tap the share icon
  3. Scroll to and select "Add to Homescreen"